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Testing Services

Golf Laboratories has been conducting testing services for companies in the golf industry since 1990. Testing for companies both large and small, and with all of the major media outlets, we have developed testing standards for all golf equipment.

Using our state of the art industry standard computer controlled robot along with the most advanced launch monitors we can duplicate any golf swing and capture all swing and flight data with precision repeatability and consistency.

Our facility is capable of handling all of your outdoor golf equipment testing needs.

Club Testing

Robotic testing of golf clubs provides data on distance and dispersion for both geometric center and off center hits. Tests can be created for center, toe and heel testing. 9 point tests can also be provided to create data on the complete performance of the golf club.

For drivers off center hit data provides information on distance loss and directional accuracy along with the performance effects of bulge and roll in relation to the club center of gravity and MOI.

Ball Testing

Golf ball testing can be provided from a 130 mph Tour driver swing to a 10 yard wedge shot. Tee to green analysis of a golf ball provides the client with critical data to analyze the performance of their golf ball from initial launch conditions, aerodynamic flight path, carry and total distance and dispersion.


The Golf Laboratories servo driven robot is the industry standard for robotic testing of equipment. Its servo motor drive and centrifugal wrist, along with a proprietary acceleration program provide the ability to duplicate any golf swing from a top PGA Tour Professional to a beginning amateur.

The robots are used by all of the major golf manufacturers, the sports governing bodies, and the major foundries in Asia.

Biomechanical Modeling

Golf Laboratories has developed an acceleration system that can duplicate the acceleration and velocity curves of a golfer. By studying biomechanics, acceleration curves have been developed to duplicate the swings of golfers. This provides clients to setup with test conditions that duplicate what actual golfers will experience when they use their equipment.


Data is provided from multiple launch monitors that measure both the club head during the downswing, impact with the golf ball, and ball flight.

Measurements from club head delivery, the launch conditions, and flight data are recorded for each hit.

Data is delivered for individual pieces of equipment and also summarized in a deliverable report.














Launch Monitors

In combination with the robot radar and camera based launch monitors are used to capture data.

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