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Our mobile robot is available for live events. The robot is mobile and can be used as a source of entertainment and information.

The world's first robot to play a sport combined with its audio/video interactivity makes it an attraction that audiences and media can both enjoy.

Golf Tournaments

The robot can be utilized at golf tournaments for Pro/Am days. It can be placed on a golf hole and hit a shot for each group.

The robot also can provide a lesson and equipment clinic for a tournament along with a one on one equipment fitting experience for VIP’s.

2016 Phoenix Waste Management Open​
2015 CVS Health Charity Classic

Commercials and Media Events

The robot is available for commercials, media events, television shows, and web events.

The machines have been featured in many commercials and can be used as a tool to highlight technology, and equipment performance.

Rory Vs. the Robot European PGA Commercial
Rory Vs. Robot.jpg
TaylorMade Commercial #17 Pebble Beach
17 Pebble Beach.JPG

Equipment Fittings

Do you want to find out what is the best equipment for your golf swing? Our mobile robot can tell you.

It can duplicate your swing, yes even yours, and then hit different drivers/irons and show which one performs the best with your specific swing.

This VIP experience  is unique in the golf world and would create an unforgettable event. A deliverable will be provided with the participants individual swing and their equipment recommendations.

Lessons and Clinics

The robot can duplicate any golf swing. In doing so the robot can also provide lessons and techniques on how to improve the swing.

Using launch data from players the robot can highlight swing flaws and then show mechanically how to correct these flaws.

This technologically advanced lesson demonstration can quantify any recommendation and provide performance data to the audience.


Our interactive mobile can provide a platform to teach science to children in an entertaining way by highlighting various curriculum points through sports and robotics. LDRIC can teach STEM concepts through golf and make learning fun and memorable.

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